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Smooth Liquid Flooring - refined, dynamic, understated

Smooth, a resilient, self-leveling floor is a grownup version of concrete that offers longevity, depth, and design. This high-end flooring system with matte or gloss finish will add luxury to any contemporary commercial setting. Smooth is available in one-dimensional color -- the Mono series or a two-color blend with the Duo series. Smooth ensures comfort underfoot, is easy to maintain, and is scratch resistant.

Colors - Mono:

  • Smooth_Capri_Splash.jpg
    Capri Splash
  • Aukland Moss
    Auckland Moss
  • West_End_Gray_Matte_Finish_Smooth
    West End Gray
  • Berlin_Night_Matte_Finish_Smooth
    Berlin Night
  • Avignon_Breeze
    Avignon Breeze

Colors - Duo:

    • Londonderry_Dew_Smooth_Neutral.jpg
      Londonderry Dew
    • Edinburgh _Mist
      Edinburgh Mist
    • Kilkenny _Castle
      Kilkenny Castle
    • Halifax _Rain _Smooth _Duo
      Halifax Rain
    • Brisbane _Bisque _Smooth _Duo
      Brisbane Bisque
    • Nairobi Brown_DSC_0025.jpg
      Nairobi Brown
  • Custom
  • GuideSpecButton

Product Data Sheets:

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