Smooth Liquid Flooring

Refined. Dynamic. Understated.

Smooth, a resilient, sleek, self-leveling floor that offers longevity, depth, and design. This high-end flooring system will add luxury to any contemporary commercial setting. Smooth is available in one-dimensional color — the Mono series or a two-color blend with the Duo series. It also comes in both epoxy and urethane flooring formulations. We also offer custom colors!

Here are a few of the many benefits of our Smooth contemporary floors:

Your Floor Color Choice

Sleek & Self-Leveling Floor

Color Name

Standard Floor Colors

Smooth Mono:
Smooth Duo:

Custom Colors:

This floor is available in a matte, satin, gloss microtexture, or high-gloss finish. Not the color you need? We create custom colors to meet design requests or support company brand & identity guidelines.

For additional support, please contact your Liquid Elements Architectural Design Representative.