Design Resources

At Liquid Elements we offer support to the A&D community through our Architectural/Design Sales Representatives, who can work with you on project designs and details to ensure the project is specified efficiently. Each of our representatives are knowledgeable on the LEED rating system and can offer assistance for projects seeking LEED certification.  Our Architectural/Design Sales Representatives are trained and approved to offer AIA/IDCEC sales presentations.

The Liquid Elements brand is comprised of five distinct lines of versatile floors -- Smooth, Reflect, Crush, Glitz and Capture.  Each product line sets a mood, conjures a feeling and tells a story.  Liquid Elements floors are ideal in retail spaces, hospitality venues, restaurants, night clubs, casinos, showrooms and public spaces. As manufacturer and installer of floors, we offer a unique, single source service to our customer  and with offices throughout the world can provide global partnership.


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