October 19, 2021

University Design: How Seamless Floors Can Improve and Modernize Your Campus

Choosing Floors for Your Campus Spaces

Is it time for new floors around your campus? Choosing the right floors for your college or university is a major decision, but with a decorative seamless flooring system, the process is made easier because everything from aesthetics to slip resistance to ease of maintenance, sustainability, and hygienic design can be accomplished. Replacing your floors may seem daunting in the short term, but renovating your floors with resinous, poured-in-place floors will improve your campus in numerous ways and pay off for years to come. 

The Decorative Advantages of Poured-in-Place Floors 

Poured floors come in a variety of style options, so universities can choose from a wide range of standard colors and blends as well as custom colors, blends, patterns, and designs. University colors, logos, and mottos can be incorporated into lobbies, hallways, and areas where people gather or enter. 

Sanitary Design in Educational Spaces is More Important than Ever 

Poured floors offer much more than just a decorative advantage, unlike floors with tile and grout, ensure that dirt and bacteria are cleaned away, rather than remaining in cervices and hard-to-reach places. Universities and schools have an obligation to reduce the growth of microorganisms and provide a safe and healthy environment for students. Along with being a more hygienic option, poured floors are also customizable and durable. 

Performance Benefits of Seamless Flooring for Universities 

In addition to sanitary design, poured floors come in formulations for a number of different spaces on campus. Resilient seamless floors can offer noise reduction for classrooms, chemical-resistant seamless floors are important for laboratories, and wear-resistant seamless floors are available for high traffic areas. Quality seamless flooring systems come with several benefits in addition to those listed above including fire, water, stain, and abrasion resistance. Low odor installation and fast installations taking two days or less may also be available. 

How Resinous Flooring Systems Offer a More Sustainable Choice vs. Traditional Flooring 

Another exceptional advantage to poured floors is they are sustainable. Poured floors become a part of your structure, so when you choose to change your floors, the product does not end up in a landfill. 

New Decorative and High-Performing Seamless Floors Will Modernize and Maintain Your Campus 

Educational spaces are changing rapidly to meet new demands. Campuses have had to find ways to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and that includes changing how space is used and structured. The expectation of how a learning space is structured will be quite different to the next generation of learners. Seamless floors can take your college campus into the future by providing contemporary and sanitary design as well as long-term performance. A quality poured floor will last for decades, saving you time and money on repairs and replacement as well as daily cleaning and maintenance. 


Liquid Elements Artfully Poured Floors 

Liquid Elements, a brand of Stonhard, draws on nearly a century of polymer material innovation and installation for commercial flooring markets. We partner with the architecture and design community from beginning to end, supporting specification, manufacturing high-performance products, and offering a single-source solution for installation. Liquid Elements brings seamless designs in dramatic looks and stunning colors to your campus, supporting your vision and university or college branding while providing features like UV stability, sound dampening, ergonomic design, scratch resistance, and easy cleaning and maintenance. 

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