July 18, 2022

Decorative Flooring Helps Retail Stores Compete with Online Shopping

With Amazon, grocery delivery apps, online stores, and even same-day delivery, the e-commerce revolution has left retail stores striving to gain foot traffic. Many retailers seeking new ways to refurbish and revive their brick-and-mortar locations have landed on a promising solution – turning stores into destinations. While cheese tastings at Wegmans and Swedish meatballs at Ikea were iconic for their time, retailers realize it is going to take more to keep up with their competitors. Making stores an interactive, entertaining experience for consumers has become the newest trend – and if you are in the retail business, it’s one you shouldn’t overlook. Let’s take a look at how you can build your retail destination from the ground up.

Flooring Functionality Comes First

Retailers are looking to change two main consumer behaviors: the amount of time a shopper spends in a store and how engaged the shopper is with the store. One way owners can accomplish both is by investing in a floor that is resilient. Because resilient floors are able to ease the tension felt in one's body, customers are willing to prolong their stay - even if it means standing for an extended period of time. This comfortable experience, enhanced by the store’s floors, will increase the chances of shoppers exploring everything the store has to offer.

More Than Just a Store – Creating Experience Areas

Innovative retailers are looking for new ways to customize their stores, and the results are proving to deepen customer loyalty. From in-store cooking classes, wellness centers, and play areas for kids, one thing is for sure – different opportunities exist for every store. That being said, each area needs to be carefully assessed for flooring requirements. High-traffic areas, such as grocery stores that offer childcare centers, need to have floors that can stand up to the foot traffic of playing children, strollers, and toys. Stores incorporating cooking classes and wine tastings should look to install seamless flooring to avoid food and liquids getting trapped in seams. Looking to expand your fitness center to include a lifestyle café? Remember to invest in acoustic to keep the noise from activity within one area from distracting the patrons in the other.

Intrigue your Customers, Amplify Your Brand

With many retailers following this trend, it is important that your retail space communicates that it is more than just a store, it is an experience. Yes, people do judge a book by its cover; which is why décor and design contribute significantly to creating a desired brand presence. A unique way to show off your brand is to encapsulate objects into a thick resin floor. Whether you choose to encapsulate fabrics, photographs, seashells, bottle caps, wine labels or sports tickets, each floor has the ability to be one-of-a-kind. Further, the color, blend, and finish of your floor can greatly impact the appearance of your space; as well as custom colors and logos. The right combination can and will create an atmosphere that draws a larger crowd.

Liquid Elements Artfully Poured Floors

From customized to handcrafted floors, Liquid Elements has products that can completely transform your retail space. Reflect’s Artist Series transforms the ordinary into extraordinary with imaginative blends handcrafted by an artist just for you. Capture allows you to personalize your space by locking inanimate objects in a rich, thick resin. Explore the many features and finishes available to find the best floor for your retail environment. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Need back-of-the house retail flooring solutions for your commercial kitchen or mechanical spaces? With nearly a century in flooring expertise, Stonhard has your solution.