July 16, 2019

Five Top Commercial Flooring Trends

Architectural and design styles for commercial environments come and go, but understanding current trends is an important aspect of selecting the right materials. Trends can shape decisions that will have an impact for a year or even decades to come. When building the perfect commercial space, selecting the right flooring is a crucial factor. While each space is different, having specific requirements, there are some agreed upon aspects that apply to every market. The influences of lifestyle, culture, health and the environment affect current trends in flooring and will continue to affect how commercial businesses consider a flooring system for their space. Here are five flooring trends you don’t want to ignore:

1. Easy-to-Clean Floors
Owners, management, and staff, along with the clients they cater to, benefit from easy-to-clean floors. Whether your commercial space is in a healthcare facility, a restaurant, or a school, if the surface is easy to clean and stain resistant, less time and money will be spent on cleanup procedures and maintenance, and clients will enjoy the look and comfort of being in a hygienic, sanitary environment. Seamless floors can greatly contribute to a consistently clean space, significantly lowering the chance of dirt and bacteria getting trapped in ridges (as with traditional flooring), which can cause the surface to look unappealing and worn out and also potentially lead to hygienic dangers.

2. Walls and Floors are a Package Deal
With the growing focus on both floors and walls, people are likely to seek out companies that offer solutions for both. Accent walls have become popular as interior designers look to find a cohesive scheme for a particular space. Whether you are looking to pair a dark blue floor with a grey accent wall, or a smooth floor with a textured wall – find a company that can coordinate both.

3. Color Psychology
Color is imperative for clients, especially in commercial environments. Each industry caters to a different clientele, so it is important to understand the needs of each. For example, healthcare facilities may choose cooler, calming colors, such as light blues and purples, to make patients and visitors feel relaxed. Museums and other entertainment venues may choose brighter colors such as reds and yellows, which have proven to increase adrenaline, to encourage a brighter, livelier atmosphere. Fast food chains look to implement browns within their space to disguise marks and other stains, while upscale restaurants emulate sophistication and elegance with blacks and greys. In addition, cultural background, age, and gender can be determining factors in the colors that appeal to customers.

4. Acoustics are Everything
No one likes a noisy surface. Whether the noise is generating from shopping carts, surgical tools, chairs, or a crowd of people, floors can significantly help reduce the sound of the environment. Sound travels easily in a large, open room; a loud voice or the sound of wheels against a surface can prove to be distracting and can hinder productivity. For areas such as offices and school libraries, always choose to invest in a sound-absorbing, resilient surface that will aid in creating the atmosphere desired. Healthcare facilities also need to be mindful of this flooring trend, as noise has shown to negatively impact patient recovery.

5. Eco-Friendly
Today, architects, designers, and planners are looking for ways to incorporate sustainable solutions and eco-friendly products into every aspect of their projects. That's why it is wise to choose a manufacturer that is committed to providing sustainable flooring systems to help reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment. Seamless, resin flooring, unlike many other products, become a part of your building's structure, so it won’t end up in a landfill. Not only does poured flooring last longer, but when you want to change your aesthetic, you won't be sending your old floor off to the dump.

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