August 10, 2022

Get Creative with Custom Flooring!

There are many ways to add flair or that “wow factor” to your commercial interior space. You may consider murals, mirrors, green walls, and plants, but have you ever considered custom floors? Floors are one of the largest focal points of a space – why not customize them? 

Whether a retail store, office space, or school lobby, you want to draw visitors into a welcoming and remarkable environment. The floors you install are a significant part in creating the atmosphere of your commercial space. Floors can make customers and employees feel comfortable, inspired, or energized. Boring, run-of-the-mill interiors are out, interiors that match your branding aesthetic are in. Here are some of the ways that custom floors can help you enhance your commercial facility. 

Seamless Floors Have Multiple Custom Options for All Commercial Environments

Is Color a Strong Part of Your Brand?

A seamless, poured in-place solid color floor is a simple, yet effective solution to emphasize your brand throughout your retail store. If they offer customs, you can even ask your floor manufacturer to match the color of your brand. 

By working with an interior designer and/or floor manufacturer/installer, you can bring your brand to life with a beautifully customized floor. If one color isn’t enough, incorporating multiple brand colors is also possible. Solid or dual-color resinous, seamless flooring systems not only give your space a luxurious feel, but they are also extremely durable and long-lasting when manufactured and installed by a reputable company. 

Elevate Your Aesthetic 

Looking for a more sophisticated feel? Metallic seamless floors provide a unique and elegant aesthetic. Perfect for showrooms and retail environments, these floors are poured-in-place in a free-flowing manner that makes each floor special in their own way. 

Earthy and natural floors are also popular and attractive for both inside and outside your facility. Yes, a floor that has rock can also be seamless, preventing any dirt, bacteria, or fungus from taking hold within your floor. So, while your floor has that organic look, it remains easy to clean and keep clean. It's a perfect option for car dealership showrooms and outdoor walkways, spas and wellness centers, and other commercial spaces.  

Extraordinary Options Unique to You 

If you want to capture the essence of your brand and culture in a distinct way, why not personalize your space by encapsulating elements directly into your floor? From fabrics and posters to trinkets and seashells, you can incorporate nearly anything into your floor and protect it with a clear resin topcoat. A custom decal on your floor can let visitors know exactly where they are or direct them around your space with wayfinding indicators. There are so many ways to incorporate an individualized touch to commercial spaces.  

All these options and more are available from Liquid Elements Artfully Poured Floors and Stonhard. 

Where We Come In

Artfully Poured Floors for Commercial Interiors 

Liquid Elements, a brand of Stonhard, specializes in formulating artfully poured floors for a wide range of commercial spaces including hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, and more. We specialize in extraordinary seamless design with an infinite number of captivating looks that are sure to impress customers and visitors in all markets. In addition, we offer custom wall panels allowing you to extend your seamless floors up to the ceiling or match the floor in specific areas. Liquid Elements formulates floors to provide benefits like noise reduction, comfort underfoot, scratch resistance, and slip resistance. For the ultimate in high-end design and custom flooring, you can rely on Liquid Elements to make your vision a reality.  

Seamless, High-Traffic Floors for Commercial Facilities 

Stonhard has been a trusted brand for industrial and commercial flooring for 100 years. Stonhard floors for commercial environments are formulated to withstand wear and impact while providing ergonomics, durability, sound dampening, and customized patterns, colors, and logos. When you choose to install a Stonhard epoxy, urethane, or MMA flooring system, you are not only receiving an attractive floor, but a floor that lasts. Learn more about Stonhard on 


Liquid Elements Artfully Poured Floors

Liquid Elements, a brand of Stonhard, draws on a century of polymer material innovation and installation for commercial flooring markets. We partner with the architecture and design community from beginning to end, supporting specification, manufacturing high-performance products, and offering a single-source solution for installation. Liquid Elements brings seamless designs in dramatic looks and stunning colors to your commercial space, supporting your vision and branding while providing features like UV stability, sound dampening, ergonomic design, scratch resistance, and easy cleaning and maintenance.  

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