Our Process

1. We help you select the right flooring

The flooring system you require depends on the environment you are dealing with and the performance features you desire. At Liquid Elements, we have specially trained Architectural Design Representatives and Territory Managers to work with you on product selections, evaluating specific needs, and covering all aspects on design, color, durability, and overall performance.

2. We can provide you with references. 

Hearing what others have to say about a flooring system might make your decision a little easier, At Liquid Elements, we are happy to supply you with references on projects we have installed.

3. We manufacture your floor.

Liquid Elements is a brand of Stonhard. This allows us the unique capability to formulating our own products and manufacturing the materials. Synthesizing our own polymer systems allows us to carefully control and tailor the properties of each product to meet the specific needs of our customers. This integrated approach gives us an advance in technology and quality that no one can match.

4. Our resinous floors are long lasting and can be customized.

Liquid Elements resinous floors are comprised of different chemistries such as epoxy or urethane. These are multi-component systems consisting of a resin and hardener, mixed together on-site prior to application. A chemical reaction between these components causes the mixture to harden. Resinous floors are preferred in commercial spaces because hey are seamless and become part of the structure, allowing for superior durability and cleanability. They are also long lasting and bond extremely well to a variety of substrates. In addition, they can be formulated to meet specific criteria and incorporate unique elements such as pigments, metallics, mica chips and glitter to create customized designer looks.

5. We provide a wide-range of flooring options.

Seamless flooring offers endless design opportunities and with Liquid Elements products, you begin with a wide range of standard colors to choose from as well as the ability to customize colors, finishes, textures, and patterns. From custom logos to intricate design patterns, a Liquid Elements seamless floor can achieve that you desire, The possibilities are endless! Learn more about seamless flooring.

6. We follow testing procedures.

Liquid Elements follows the testing procedures administrated by the American Society for Testing and materials. ASTM is an international technical, scientific and educational organization dedicated to the standardization of specifications and methods testing. We use an actual representation of the floor as a test specimen, consisting of the resin and curing agent. This specimen is then tested in our state-of-the-art physical testing laboratory.

7. We install your floor.

The preparation of your substrate and the installation of your floor are perhaps the most crucial steps to the success of your new system. It is important for you to know that no corners are cut or short-cuts taken. With over 300 direct, local territory managers and our own specially trained application crews, Liquid Elements can quickly respond to any job - large or small! Whether it's around the corner or around the world, our installations are done with the guidance of field engineers, site superintendents and project managers.

8. We assist you in achieving LEED certification. 

We can offer you innovative products to help you achieve LEED certification points in Materials & Resources as well as Indoor Environmental Quality categories. See our Sustainable Solutions page to read about our Health Product Declarations (HPDs) and CDPH Standard method V 1.1.

9. We care about the environment. 

Sustainability is not a new concept for us. it has always been an important matter for Liquid Elements and its parent company, Stonhard. In fact, since 2005, Stonhard has prevented 92.7% of all returned material, including discontinued and obsolete products from going into the waste stream through recycling efforts. Our innovative packaging prevents over 4.8 million pails and cans from being dumped into landfills annually. See our Sustainable Solutions page for more detailed information on our commitment to the environment.

10. We adhere to safety standards. 

With Liquid Elements, you don't need to worry about the safety of your guests, customers, or employees. We specialize in high solids systems, which mean toxic flammable fumes won't be a problem during the mixing and installation process. Liquid Elements products are low in VOC. Additionally, we have Health Product Declarations (HPDs) and have been tested to the CDPH Standard method V 1.1. Our installers are certified and strictly adhere to all safety procedures. In addition, all Liquid Elements products come with explicit instructions, Material Safety Data Sheets and clearly labeled packaging.

11. We deliver what is promised. 

We want to be sue that the product you purchased is, in fact, the product being installed. All Liquid Elements materials are factory formulated, pre-weighed and packaged utilizing the latest process technology. If you buy a 2mm floor, you will get a 2mm floor! If you still aren't 100% satisfied that you got what you paid for, ask to have a core sample taken so you can see the finished thickness.

12. We provide a written warranty.

At Liquid Elements, we give you a written warranty, backed by our parent company, Stonhard, covering both materials and workmanship. With a century in business, we have thousands of satisfied customers.

13. We take full responsibility of our products and services. 

In the unlikely event that something should go wrong with your floor system, you can always count on your local territory manager and application team to help you with any situation. We formulate, manufacture and install your system and take full responsibility of our products and services.

14. We guide you on the cleaning process. 

All Liquid Elements floors are formulated to be easy to clean. Most floors can be cleaned with a micro fiber cloth or a mop with general all-purpose non-residue cleaner. Liquid Elements will provide you with the information for your specific flooring system. In addition, we offer safe, easy-to-use, sustainable cleaning products by Stonkleen to meet your needs.